Around the Bases: Bonds Hits 755

Barry Bonds hits a Clay Hensley pitch into the left-field seats for his 755th career home run, tying Henry Aaron for the all-time major league record.

  • Barry Bonds led off the second inning of last night’s Giants at Padres matchup by launching a Clay Hensley pitch into the leftfield bleachers for career home run 755, tying Hank Aaron. Say what you might, it is an extraordinary feat — the people will choose their hero in the end (I choose Hank!), and the government will choose how little punishment those involved in BALCO will receive. []
  • With their recent four-game losing streak, the Tigers have lost first place in the AL Central to the Indians, who coming into today led by a half game. In fact the Tigers 2-8 record through their last 10 games is the worst record through the last 10 games of any Major League team at present.
  • Placido Polanco is solid. Just before the onset of August he handled his 648th straight chance without an error, giving him the record for second base. []
  • Andrew Miller strained his hamstring in a recent start and has hit the 15-day DL. [DTW]
  • Just a week after a cortisone injection, Gary Sheffield is still having trouble with his shoulder. He is to see a doctor now that the Tigers are back home. [Beck’s Blog]
  • Jim Leyland knows what is wrong with the Tigers:

    “I think you’ve got to come to work a little ticked off,” he said. “I don’t mean being a bad person, but you’ve got to come with a little attitude. Right now, it looks like we’re just reporting to work. We don’t have that little oomph.”

    You tell them.  How can you not love the skipper?  He does seem to be right, it’s not like the Tigers are being beat because they lack the talent to play in the Major Leagues, that was 2003.  This is 2007, where the team is supposed to be a contender for the playoffs.  Bless You Boys has a few ideas for Jim, including putting a cigarette out on Mike Rabelo’s head and making out with Justin Verlander’s girlfriend in front of his locker, among others.  [Bless You Boys]

  • The United Countries of Baseball — Michigan (and a weird little peninsula to the south that includes Toledo) is Tigers territory.  [Deadspin]
  • Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn have been inducted into Cooperstown.  The Baseball Hall of Fame now fittingly includes the Iron Man who played 2,632 consecutive games and the man who won eight batting titles  and had 3,141 hits in 20 seasons with the Padres.  [Sports Illustrated]
  • Former Tiger Dmitri Young agreed to a two-year, $10 million contract extension with the Washington Nationals.  He turned that ship around faster than the Soviets in the Cuban Missile Crisis after the Tigers cut him.  He is hitting .331 with 53 RBI this season.  [ESPN]
  • The TV ratings for the All-Star Game fell 10%.  An 8.4 rating and an average of 12.5 million viewers was slightly lower than last year’s 14.4 million average.  Still, it’s ok to snub your local all-star game if it includes Barry Bonds, the stadium he plays in, or the fans that cheer for him.  [Sports Illustrated]
  • Ichiro signed a five-year extension with $90 million with the Mariners.  [Sports Illustrated]
  • Alex Rodriguez has become the youngest player to hit 500 home runs, with the big long ball coming eight days after his 32nd birthday.  He may not be as much of a jerk as Barry Bonds, but I hate the Yankees and anyone associated with them.  It’s hard to know who to support these between steroids and the Evil Empire.  If anyone in the game today can beat Barry Bonds in the end, though, it is A-Rod.  [Fox Sports]
  • Speaking of the Evil Empire, it’s TV channel, the YES Network, is for sale.  If you happen to have anywhere from $3 to $3.5 billion laying around, you could either buy the network or tip your blogger.  [CNN]
  • The stress of managing the Royals is enough to make anyone want to go into exile to avoid witnessing another baseball game or stadium full of empty seats again.  So, Buddy Bell resigned his post as manager, choosing his family over the team — the former KC skipper is 55-years old.  The Royals were 47-59 at the bottom of the division when Bell resigned — but had hopes, with two consecutive winning months, the first time that has occurred in Kansas City in four seasons.  [Fox Sports]

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One response to “Around the Bases: Bonds Hits 755

  1. Man, Did anyone else notice Bud Selig’s reaction to Bonds 755th Homer?! C’mon man, even though you hate the guy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cheer. You know everybody is watching you! That’s bad business man and bad for baseball. People are talking about that as much as the home run.

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