Neifi is Done — Suspended 80 Games

Neifi Perez in the Tigers dugout

Well, it looks like Tigers fans will have to deal with the antics of The Black Hole of Suck no longer. Last night it was to my surprise that Perez was handed an 80-game suspension for popping stimulants again. The suspension is long enough to last through the end of the season, and effectively ends Neifi Perez’s tenure in a Detroit Tigers uniform. Things are much clearer now — it is obvious Perez was not attempting to improve his performance, he was more likely facing a serious addiction to substance abuse. While I do find it hilariously ironic that even banned stimulants were unable to boost TBHoS’s pathetic level of play — he posted a .172 batting average — it is a shame to see this happen to the player who saved Justin Verlander’s no-hitter. For that, we can all give our appreciation; however, the overall picture was much bleaker for the Tigers veteran utility man. I never liked Neifi Perez, and in most situations I absolutely hated him. $1,188,525 of his $2.5 million salary for this season will be lost to suspensions when all is said and done, and he will finish serving the suspension next year if anyone is foolish enough to sign him. MLB bringing down the hammer on Neifi certainly makes the rumors about the Tigers being interested in Jack Wilson of the Pirates somewhat more logical, the team should be fine if they stay put. After all, Neifi was hardly a positive factor on the team as it was, and between Omar Infante and Ryan Raburn, I would consider the utility position filled.


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