Around the Bases: Spring is Getting Tedious

Honestly, the excitement when spring training began has completely worn away from me. No longer am I excited about the Tigers merely taking the field, regardless of where that diamond may be, rather I am now frustrated and fully anticipating the beginning of the regular season. The exhibitions have become almost irrelevant to me, although I recognize they may be necessary to get pitchers in shape and rosters trimmed down. Still, as I witness none of these feats actually happening, I long for April 2nd, when the Tigers begin their season, and just days later I go on spring break.

  •  April 2nd will be a glorious day in Detroit. It will be Jeremy Bonderman taking the mound as the starter with Opening Day honors. It is no small reward, as Opening Day is a major holiday in baseball towns across the country, particularly in Detroit where the tradition runs so deep. And this year means much more than previous years because this is a team with a golden opportunity for unparalleled levels of success. Buckle your seatbelts. After Bondo, it’s Kenny Rogers, Justin Verlander, and Nate Robertson. Mike Maroth, who suffered an elbow injury after a stellar start to last season, rounds out the rotation. [The Detroit Tigers Weblog]
  • Cameron Maybin has been sent to minor league camp. He impressed, however was certainly was not expected to make the show; nevertheless, I love following his progress. Brent Clevlen has been sent to Toledo, and Craig Dingman will join Maybin in the minors. Seven others were cut from the Tigers — nothing out of the ordinary, just another run-of-the-mill Spring Training style roster trimming. [The Detroit Tigers Weblog]
  • Remember that plan Kwame Kilpatrick revealed for Tiger Stadium? You know, the one where the field would be saved, and a nice development would be built in Corktown? Well, turns out it may have just been a pipe dream. The city has no developer for the project, which has been on the table since last summer. They are also throwing out the idea of letting fans in before Opening Day for a final chance to walk inside the structure, saying if such an event occurs, it will be later in the summer. At this rate, The Corner may sit abandoned for decades, and become just another eyesore on the urban landscape. [Detroit News]
  • Ramon Santiago’s 2003 season with the Tigers was the fourth worst individual season in the history of the game. Jose Lima and Niefi Perez also appear on the list. 2003 was a dark season, but it makes us appreciate this Tigers team so much more — we simply take little or nothing for granted. [Bless You Boys]

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