Center Court 1.24.07: T-Wolves Have Issues, Artest Returns to the Scene of the Crime

KG at the charity stripe

  • Last Friday’s game against the Timberwolves turned out to be an interesting affair. During the fourth quarter, Kevin Garnett threw a punch at Antonio McDyess and the two had some heated words, resulting in both of them being ejected from the remainder of the contest. Ricky Davis was also benched for the finale after leaving the bench early to enter the locker-room during the game. After returning, he did not enter the game again. Without Davis or the Big Ticket, the Wolves were unable to top the Pistons in double overtime. The Timberwolves ended up suspending Davis for one game, and the NBA handed KG a suspension of his own for one game. Since that fateful game, Minnesota has also fired head coach Dwayne Casey.
  • Saturday night the Pistons were back at the Palace to face the Sacramento Kings in what was Ron Artest’s first game back in Detroit/Auburn Hills since the infamous basketbrawl of several years past. Artest played imaginary catch with those that despised him in the stands (I’m serious — you can’t make that up!) and then scored 14 points in a Kings loss in which the Pistons never trailed. For such blind hatred, the Artest return to Detroit went largely unnoticed. In other basketbrawl related matters, Stephen Jackson was among the Indianapolis players shipped to Golden State in an eight-player trade between the Warriors and Pacers.
  • Amir Johnson is back from South Dakota, where the Pistons’ illogically placed NBDL affiliate is located. While playing for the Sioux Falls Skyforce, Johnson averaged nearly 18 points and better than seven rebounds and three blocks in his six games in the D-League. I’m really optimistic for this kid’s future — he has great athleticism and should make a fine NBA player after he has little more time to develop his game and some playing time opens up for him.
  • Michigan says the Crisler Arena is in desperate need of renovation, but the $75 million price tag is a little hefty. I would like to see some upgrades there. Ian mentions the dim lighting, which is an issue to be sure… How about just buying some new lights for the time being? That could really liven the place up — it just looks so dark and sleep-inducing on TV.

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