Bud Bowl 2006 to be Held at Tiger Stadium

Tiger Stadium has been vacant since the Tigers’ last game there on September 27, 1999. The only other time people have set foot in the stadium since them was when the HBO movie “61*” was shot there in August of 2001. Thanks to Super Bowl XL, Tiger Stadium will open its gates at least one final time. Bud Bowl 2006 will offer two concerts, one on February 3rd, and the other on February 4th, with both beginning at 8:30 PM. The events will be held in “Club 1620,” a climate-controlled expo hall on the infield of Tiger Stadium. Only people old enough to drink can enter, and tickets will be given away via radio station giveaways and promotions at bars/clubs/restaurants. No tickets will be available at the door. It appears Super Bowl XL will be fun for those of us who can’t pay $8,000 to get tickets to the actual game.

“Tiger Stadium will be coming back to life for these special ‘One Night Stand’ concerts in what may be the final official events at this historic venue,” says Kazer. “And while the party inside will be the place to be, we’ll make accommodations for an observation deck where our special guests can view the old diamond and the dugouts at the stadium.”

It is a wonder, however, that this isn’t going to be held at Comerica Park, especially considering that the new home of the Tigers is right across the street from Ford Field. They probably won’t really let people explore the stadium, since much of the structure and upper decks could be structually unsound. Ilitch has been paid to maintain the field and stadium since its closure, but he has not done so – and the city continues to pay him, despite offers by others to do the same work better and for less money… This will probably be the last event ever at the old Tiger Stadium. There have been a few different proposals for stores to be built at the site, but none have happened. So, Detroit needs to take advantage of this: the last chance for Tiger Stadium. All thanks to Super Bowl XL!

1/16 UPDATE: The ticket giveaways have begun (read the comments), and Snoop Dogg is on tap for the first Bud Bowl night (Feb. 3). 3 Doors Down will be performing on the second night. It looks like there will be some pretty sweet music acts there, so it will definitely be a hot ticket.

1/18 UPDATE: To win tickets for one of the two nights, you can apparently listen to 98.7 WJLB, 101 WRIF, or 96.3 on the old FM radio to win tickets. I mainly use Internet radio and MP3s, so thanks to those who commented for giving us the heads up.


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19 responses to “Bud Bowl 2006 to be Held at Tiger Stadium

  1. Ray

    Yeah, as long as we win tickets right? Which radio stations are gonna be offering them up as prizes?

  2. The press release doesn’t say. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about this pretty quick. There is only a little over a month to go until the big game! Hopefully all of our new developments will help Detroit shine for the world. Baseball’s all star game helped, but we didn’t get the attention we wanted. This time, the cards are dealt. We’ve got a championship caliber basketball team, a recently hosted baseball All Star game, and plenty of renovations going on to show the world that Detroit isn’t really that bad after all.

  3. Dave

    Why cant you just buy tickets to the Bud Bowl at Tiger Stadium???? What about the productive people who cant listen to the radio all day because they have a job to do?

  4. Rob

    in response to the jackass DAVE probally because this is a exclusive private small scale event put on by the host BUD.And by the way i work 50-60 hours a week and still won my tickets on a Sunday.

  5. Eric


    what station did you win them from? I’m hearing snoop will be in the house one of the nights. WJLB gave their first tickets away monday night. drop me an e-mail when you get a chance….



  6. Dirk

    Anyone find out any more info on where to get the Bud Bowl tickets?

  7. I haven’t heard what stations, but I believe that the radio stations have already begun giving them away. It’s going to be a tough ticket to get.

  8. John

    Two stations are giving tickets away. 98.7 WJLB is giving away tickets to Friday night with Snoop and 101 WRIF is giving away the tickets for Saturday with 3 Doors Down. Good Luck!

  9. Ray

    Apparently 96.3 is giving them away too…

  10. Meagan Quinn

    Does anybody know what bars the tickets to Friday night with Snoop? I heard that select bars in Detroit will have tickets for sale

  11. Rod

    Good luck with the tickets. If you need a place to park try 2051 Rosa Parks Blvd. at the corner of Michigan and Rosa Parks (Right across the street from the stadium). It should be reasonable compared to what we are going to see downtown for the next two weeks.

  12. Eddie

    I have purchased some tickets from somebody who won them, problem is, I have heard over 7000 tickets have been given away but they will only admit about 2200 to the show. Has anyone else heard this, email me at eslighting@aol.com

  13. Shannon

    Eddie, this is true, they are handing out over 7000 tickets and only 2200 will be admitted in,, So if you paid for them, you might want to get there early and stand in line, ps bring a chair lol

  14. Rick

    Does anybody have any experience with these types of concerts…how early should someone be there and have a good shot at gettin’ in?

  15. Kyle

    is there a dress code for this event?

  16. gail

    I love snoop please if you know anybody or anywhere i can get a ticket please e -mail me?

  17. Kyle

    i will sell mine for 200 a piece i have 4 snoop tickets email me at kyle_Reardon@student.owens.edu. I will even arrange to meet in detroit with the tickets early friday since there will be a line all day to get in.

  18. --zee

    please if anyone have tickets for the bud bowl to see snoop.Ill
    pay for them

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