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The current header image for Detroit Sports Unleashed is “Fire Millen ~ Tiger fan looks on” by paulhitz. Adopted in mid-December of 2006, Paul’s photo captures the spirit of not only playoff Tigers fans, but also those who simply love the world of Detroit sports and all it has to offer, even including the Detroit Lions. After all, what’s a sporting event in the D without a Fire Millen sign? Thanks to Paul for use of this image, and be sure to check out his photography on Flickr.

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Statement on Images Used on This Blog
Detroit Sports Unleashed makes a conscious effort to spread the gift of exceptional photography to accompany our sports content. As most newspapers and major sports carriers use photographs that are licensed under copyright laws, we prefer to use photos from social sharing sites such as Flickr, which offers a wide variety of pictures from millions of photographers that are free for use under the condition that the photo provides a link back.  Please visit the pages linked to by our photos and support these photographers — after all, they work hard to take pictures purely as a hobby and do not complain when their work is appreciated or used on sites like this.  There is a whole other realm of media out there if you just look for it — Flickr is perhaps the greatest place to learn about or discover photography on the web today.  We express our appreciation for everyone working to provide the Internet with non-mainstream media related to sports every day.

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